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Marine Primer Bulb

EPA and CARB Compliant for Outboard Engines

Meets CARB and EPA Requirements and Offers Superior PerformanceBeginning January 1, 2011, all marine primer bulbs must meet stringent new environmental standards*. These regulations require that primer bulbs emit into the environment less than 15 grams/m2/day. It’s a requirement that so far, very few products have been able to meet. The engineers and chemists at RL Hudson, however, have developed a unique marine primer bulb that not only meets this standard, but also offers a level of performance and reliability that is superior to the leading products currently on the market.


* Portable Marine Tanks and Components, Section 2468.2, Title 13, California Code of Regulations


FAMILIAR LOOK AND FEEL On the outside, the RL Hudson primer bulb features a look and feel that is familiar to boaters. But on the inside, it’s a different story. Innovations include our proprietary fluoroelastomer (FKM) compound and our patented check valve technology.


FUEL PERMEATION The maximum allowed permeation rate under the new law is 15 grams/m2/day. The RL Hudson bulb allows emissions of less than 6 grams/m2/day, beating the standard by nearly 70 percent. CARB standards tend to be tightened every few years, and we are confident that our design will meet the requirements in the next revision in the standard.

PATENTED CHECK VALVE Our unique primer bulb features a high-quality, single-piece check valve that increases pumping performance and provides rigidity, preventing the bulb from kinking.


DURABILITY Marine primer bulbs are subjected to harsh weather conditions from extreme cold to extreme heat, which, along with extended exposure to direct sunlight, will degrade and crack most types of rubber. The RL Hudson primer bulb is made of a proprietary compound that resists weather damage.


LOW-TEMPERATURE FLEXIBILITY Because of the physical properties of our proprietary material, our primer bulb offers exceptional low temperature flexibility. When the RL Hudson bulb was tested at 0° F, against the current leading OEM and aftermarket bulbs, they required at least 50 percent more force to compress than the RL Hudson bulb. This means that the RL Hudson bulb both meets the new EPA / CARB requirements and offers superior low-temperature performance.


Marine Primer BulbsLEAK-PROOF DESIGN The RL Hudson primer bulb utilizes a proven design well accepted by the marine industry. Unlike products that rely on mechanical pumps, the RL Hudson primer bulb has no seals that can leak fuel.


PUMPING EFFICIENCY In laboratory tests, the RL Hudson primer bulb pumped 20 percent more fuel than the leading OEM product.


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